Table of Contents

Installation of inKWell

As with any modern framework, you can use composer to get yourself started quickly and easily.

composer create-project inkwell/framework <target>

Server Setup

The default docroot for an inKWell project is the public folder in the application root. This leaves all your classes, configuration, etc, back one directory.

You will want to configure your server to access this as the document root and ensure that the .htaccess or .user.ini are being read. For Apache this means you'll have to allow overrides, in the case of nginx, you will want to set up try_files to try the index.php entry point.

Make Writable Writable

You will want to make writable owned by the same user or group as the web server. On debian servers, this user is often www-data, so for example you might run:

chown www-data <app_root>/writable

If you're running the local dev server then chances are this will already be writable if you installed with the same user who is running the server.

Post Setup

If you choose to use inkwell's official components rather than just using the nano core, we suggest you check out the Quick Start Guide instead.

Once you have your server pointing at your document root and/or an index.php file in the document root, you can look at the nano core documentation in order to understand how to bootstrap your application.